Wednesday, October 9, 2013

After School

I stay after school for 21st century. They give you snacks. I have celiac disease. I already have to take my lunch to school because basically all the food has gluten in it besides the fresh fruits and vegetables, the milk, the yogurt, and the cheese. I know that there are other people besides me that HATE eating the same thing everyday. I am not about to eat yogurt and cheese everyday for lunch. A Trix yogurt and a small cheese stick is not going to fill me up. I believe schools in general should find another solution for kids with food allergies and intolerances. I don't want to eat yogurt for the rest of my public school life. Don't get me started on the salad. It is disgusting that is all I am going to say.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

First ever

This is my first ever blog post ever and my first blog, so I will tell you a little bit about myself. I got diagnosed with Celiac disease when I was twelve ( for those of you that don't know a person with Celiac disease they have it their whole, it's not an all of a sudden infection).  It was really hard. My mom didn't even know what Celiac disease was until I got diagnosed. I didn't either, but you know the Chex cereal commercial where the mom thanks Chex for making gluten free good, I was always like nobody is going to eat that. Guess what? I eat it. I was ticked off, because the doctor sent over a list of the Mayo Clinic website. I was reading it and I was like I am not doing this. "Yes you are Gabrielle." My mom is always serious when she calls me Gabrielle and not Gabby. My mom she started crying and saying that she can't deal with it, so she called my aunt because to take me to get some food because I was starving. The only reason my aunt knew more about it at the time is because her daughter my cousin is becoming a nutritionist and went vegan for a period of time, but switched to vegetarian because it is hard being vegan at Illinois State University. She picked up the info from always running to the local health food store. The food was so disgusting it was probably because I didn't know what I was doing. That is a little bit about me getting diagnosed at first. I live in Springfield, Illinois, I hate living here. I try to make it the best I can. I am in the 8th grade. I love math, history, science, and reading. As my blogs come you will learn more about me.